person with keyboard and graphs reflecting the power ai first business intelligence and analytics technology can have on hotel operations

Unleash the Power of AI-First Business Intelligence and Analytics

In this era of endless digital progression, the ability to leverage AI and data is a game-changer. And hotel executives possess the power to change the game

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Google Pauses Low Activity Ad Groups: What Hotels Need to Know

For hotel marketers, this update is a wake-up call to review and refine your Google Ads strategy. Here’s why it’s important

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hijiffy image for press release on how deploying AI in hotels is now as simple as uploading one document

Deploying AI in Hotels Now as Simple as Uploading One Document

To improve hotels staff productivity and guest satisfaction, we have added a new set of tools focused on process automation and refinement of AI interaction

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10 Ways to Engage Your Followers on Instagram

Instagram’s Hidden Formula: Top Tips for Ranking Success

Summer last year the head of Instagram shared the first insight into how the various algorithms actually works. We’ve unraveled the intricacies

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rocks balanced on each other reflecting the end of ota rate parity

The End of OTA Rate Parity

We add supplements to BAR rates to ensure OTA’s are higher and then they use their commission and buying power to ensure they have the best rate

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woman and robots in front of computers reflecting the question of whether automated response tools increase guest satisfaction

Do Automated Response Tools Really Increase Guest Satisfaction?

With these considerations in mind, the challenge lies in harnessing the benefits of automation without neglecting authentic guest communication

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two guests at a hotel with a luggage trolley reflecting the importance of service levels to help boost revenue

6 Tips to Boost Revenue Through Improved Service Levels

Optimising your service standards is a highly effective way to make your property stand out from the online competition and boost overall profitability

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Rethinking Predictors of Demand for Overnight Accommodation

This discrepancy between interest and action suggests that search data should not be the sole basis for forecasting demand in the hotel sector

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How Legacy Systems Can Limit Hotel Revenue Potential

By recognising limitations and embracing digital transformation, hotels can unlock new revenue streams and improve guest experiences

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Top Hotel Marketing Myths Debunked

Marketing for hotels is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and assuming that “anyone can do it” oversimplifies the complexities involved

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