left brain and right brain coming together reflecting impact of dopamine and power of personalization in boosting hotel revenue

Dopamine and Power of Personalization in Boosting Hotel Revenue

In recent years, researchers have found dopamine can be triggered by positive online experiences, including the act of browsing or shopping on a website

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two people tugging on money reflecting the parity issue exists on metasearch not just otas

Which OTAs Cause the Worst Price Undercuts in Your Region?

It’s no secret that the volume of OTAs participating in the auction has skyrocketed, making impression share more and more difficult to obtain

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Hotel Online Reviews: Window Into Guest’s Wants and Needs

Tracking and managing your reviews can be a golden ticket to improving your hotel experience, guest satisfaction and marketing strategy

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Group Recovery Momentum Expected To Carry Through 2023

The pace of the recovery of group business and the amount of business on the books for 2023 have hotel executives feeling more confident in the segment

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pie graph with a slice separated slightly reflecting the relevance of goppar as a hotel metric and it's value above and beyond revpar

Why Aren’t Hoteliers Talking About the Most Valuable Metric: GOPPAR?

The metric we should pay attention to is GOPPAR because it’s the funds a hotelier has to work with. Why doesn’t GOPPAR have its own index like RevPAR does?

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icons of people being circled with a red pen reflecting importance for hotels to achieve revenue success by focusing on individual customer experience and the role of hyper personalisation

Hyper Personalisation: The Future of the Customer Experience

Hyper-personalisation goes beyond standard strategies for customising each touchpoint in the customer journey; it’s a whole new style of segmentation

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What Generates the Largest Revenue in a Hotel?

If you want to generate the largest revenue in your property, you need to understand how the four revenue drivers for hotels break down:

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What is the Next Step for Hotel Revenue Managers?

Total revenue and profit optimization has been discussed for many years. Revenue managers cannot do everything simultaneously, so what is the next step?

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Manage Negative Guest Reviews with the 4 Rs

As tempting as it may be to turn a blind eye to a negative review, statistics show it’s critical you respond to every review, especially the negative ones

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The Cart Abandonment Checklist: A Guide for Ecommerce Marketers

Timing is everything when it comes to cart abandonment emails. It’s important to optimize your abandoned cart email sequence for maximum recovery

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