How to Price Buyouts of Smaller Hotels in Leisure Markets

It is essential to good revenue management that opportunity costs be factored into weekend buyouts. Opportunity cost is the potential forgone profit

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5 Steps to Master the Inspiration Stage of the Guest Journey

The inspiration stage is when the idea of a trip is just a seed in your mind. It’s all about possibilities. Hotels can be part of this dreaming phase

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person holding a drawing of a sad face reflecting the results from their outdated hotel social media strategy

Why Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy is Outdated (And How to Fix It)

Let’s explore why your hotel’s social media approach might need a serious update, and more crucially, how to modernize it for today’s digital landscape

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small child at the bottom of a large flight of stairs reflecting the large challenges faced in trying to implement total revenue management

The Big Challenges to Implement Total Revenue Management

Total Revenue Management is hard because it’s a collection of different tactics. Your not just optimising room revenue, pricing and inventory

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What It Really Takes To Book More Groups, Meetings and Events

If you want the same group business as everyone, do the same things everyone else does, and you will likely get exactly your fair share of the market

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How to Complete a Hotel Revenue Displacement Analysis

Displacement analysis can be one of the most complicated elements of revenue strategy your team has to undertake. Here are 6 steps you can take

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Mastering Revenue Performance Management for Maximizing Profits

Adopting revenue performance management, hotels can achieve sustainable growth and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic hospitality market

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a run down bus with the word blah repeated across it reflecting how total revenue management is spoken about so much abut still very little happens

Total Revenue Management: Why It Is Easier To Talk About Than Do

Using corporate business as an example, our guests outline why total revenue management is so challenging and why it isn’t really being done

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image of an empty chair in a run down building reflecting the impact to hotels of open executive positions and loss of momentum and revenue

Cost to Hotels of Open Executive Positions and Loss of Momentum

Today we look at Hotel staffing and the impact an executive opening can have on a property – momentum is a key word here

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two gauges showing comparative performance reflecting need for hotels to conduct an in depth analysis of their hotel website performance

How to Analyse Your Hotel’s Website Performance – In-Depth!

Your website is the pillar of your online marketing and sales strategy, and measuring its results is crucial to adjusting your online sales strategy

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