10 Benefits of CPC Marketing for Hotels

Whether you’re employing search ads, display ads, metasearch ads, or something else, marketers can explore CPC marketing campaigns to maximize benefits

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5 Practical Tips For Powerful Carousel Website Messages

Carousel website messages offer a dynamic and visually appealing way to display your hotel highlights, but success relies on thoughtful implementation

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10 Hotel Marketing KPIs (and How to Use Them!)

Tracking hotel marketing KPIs is not just about numbers. These metrics act as navigational tools for improving guest experiences and boosting profitability

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Google’s Hotel Page Makeover: DMA Compliance and Implications

Google, has implemented alterations to comply with DMA regulations. These changes are evident in travel search areas, with a substantial focus on hotels

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silos grain towers like hotel data in legacy systems

When You Gatekeep Data, Everyone Loses

By freeing up access to data across your hotel, you empower real data-driven decision making across the board and have a clear competitive advantage

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sign showing rooms available reflecting importance for small hotels to really focus on effective forecasting strategies

Hotel Forecasting Methods for Small Hotels

Demand forecasting in hotel industry businesses can take a few different forms. Three of the most common hotel forecasting methods include:

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7 Powerful (& Easy!) Marketing Ideas for Hotels

With these powerful marketing ideas, you’ll capture their attention and business, setting you apart as a leader in the hotel supply industry

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3 Hotel HyperCommerce Tactics for Faster Direct Booking

This hypercommerce approach not only enhances the booking process but aligns with desires of a generation that values spontaneity and discovering new destinations

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a female face with data overlayed reflecting importance for hotels to democratize their data as a first step to successful revenue performance

Democratizing Data is First Step to Successful Revenue Performance

If you trust your data and tools, the barriers to empowering your your revenue managers to make data-driven decisions should naturally fade away

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Social Media Strategy: Creating the Right Plan for Your Hotel

While being on social media is free, putting money behind your initiatives can grow your audience and engagement beyond organic reach

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