How To Train Staff To Meet Luxury Service Standards Without Sounding Scripted

Too many hotel leaders train staff to memorize service standards as if they were a script. As a result, guests may experience conversations which feel disingenuous

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Planning Your Hotel’s 2024 Social Content Calendar

For hotel social champions, it’s a great time to evaluate last year’s content calendar to find out what worked and what needs tweaking

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What is Zero-Party Data? An Overview (and Hot Take) for Hoteliers

Like first-party data, zero-party data comes directly from interactions with your guests. You could say zero-party data is a subcategory of first-party data

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How P&L Statements Help You Understand Your Hotel Profitability

Understanding your hotel’s financial performance involves thorough analysis of your balance sheet and what is often called your income statement – more commonly referred to as your P&L statement. NB: This […]

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person bidding at an auction reflecting google ads bidding for hotel marketing

Hotel Marketing Insights: A Breakdown of Google Ads Bidding

We explore the pros, cons, and best use cases of the most common Google Ads bidding strategy options available today and how each works

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credit card in back pocket reflecting the guest revenue opportunities for independent properties utilising dynamic pricing

Dynamic Pricing for Independent Hotels: The Secret to Capturing More Revenue

The big question is, how can smaller hotels take advantage of dynamic pricing when they have such limited time?

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Upselling Essentials: Fast-Track Your Hotel’s Revenue Growth

Discover key upselling strategies and learn how to increase your revenue while elevating the guest experience. Plus: explore your hotel’s revenue potential through upgrades with our ready-to-use Excel calculator.

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The Role of Profitability Data in the Hotel Benchmarking Experience

P&L data enables you to supplement key top-line metrics and measure impact of top-line decisions on profitability relative to competitive sets

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Intelligent Hospitality developer and owner of HotelIQ decision cloud announce partnership with Zucchetti North America

Intelligent Hospitality Announces New Partnership with Zucchetti North America

Intelligent Hospitality, developer and owner of HotelIQ Decision Cloud, and Zucchetti North America are proud to announce a new partnership

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the word email spelt out in letters

2 Ways Hotels Can Use Email Data to Convert Potential Guests

Email marketing has typically involved a lot of manual work, inaccurate data and an unclear view of the types of guests interacting with your website

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