man trying to navigate a path through question marks in the way hotels need to better understand the factors that affect the results of their metasearch campaigns

What Factors Affect the Results of Your Metasearch Campaigns? (Pt2)

You now have the full picture for diagnosing how good your metasearch strategy is, and what you have to do to maximize your results.

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child with a rubix cube illustrating the various complexities hotels will face as they try adopt net revenue

Net Revenue: A Challenge to Embrace or Just Another Pipe Dream?

In this discussion we ask is Net Revenue easier to achieve than Total Revenue? And do we know what Net Revenue actually means?

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Benchmarking Drives Mediocracy: Rethink How We Measure Success

We explore the dangers of benchmarking, explain why “above benchmark” isn’t enough, and offer actionable strategies to break free

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man frustrated reflecting impact of poor guest communication in this youtube thumbnail for hijiffy video discussion

Poor Guest Communication Impact is Bigger Than Lost Bookings

As well as discussing the challenges hoteliers face with guest communication Shaun will also give us a quick demo of how HiJiffy’s AI works

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luxury hotel resort lobby reflecting importance of the hotel website and the secret to summertime success

The Secret to Summertime Success on Your Hotel Website

Join us as we uncover some of the most innovative strategies to kick off early summer hotel promotions and gear up for a bustling 2024 season

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Drive More Bookings: Innovative Strategies for Hotel Landing Pages

By leveraging custom landing pages in conjunction with enhanced social media marketing posts, hotels can significantly increase booking conversion rates

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Common Revenue Management Pricing Mistakes

This list should give you a starting point of which pricing mistakes to avoid. Over time a more consistent, pricing strategy will have a knock-on effect

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Credit Card Fraud at Hotels: How to Stay One Step Ahead?

By understanding the different types of credit card fraud, you can be more alert to potential red flags and take steps to protect your hotel and guests

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Maximize Return on Experience (ROE) with Data Driven Marketing

Properties can create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized experience where guests ultimately spend more, do more and stay longer

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Peak Season Prep: An Independent Hotel Checklist

For everything to go as planned, there needs to be a plan! Here are our suggestions for getting ready for peak season

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