3 Steps to Overcome Hotel Data Management Problems

We know it is essential your guest data to be clean, accurate, up-to-date, and secure. We take a closer look at hotel data management and how to do it right

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US Hotel Pricing Trends: Mixed Fortunes for Tourist Destinations

It’s a case of pleasure over business for US hotels according to our data, as tourism-heavy locations have outperformed when it comes to pricing recovery

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Keyword Research for Hotels

Ranking for the right keywords can impact a hotel’s success. Here are some keyword research tips to help you identify the right ones for your hotel website

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Strategies to Enhance Guest Communication

It’s imperative to handle visitor communications proactively to avoid common mistakes. Think about the following strategies to enhance guest communication

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Convert Guests Along Booking Journey With Cross Device Campaign

To maintain high conversion rates, it’s key to give potential guests a reason to choose you over competitors whatever their position in the booking journey

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Using Metasearch to Drive Direct Bookings and Reduce OTA Reliance

There’s a bias to drive direct traffic, which means metasearch gives your property greater exposure than the OTAs to encourage a direct booking

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image for ssp video discussing the hotel staffing issues and whether the current situation is a passing shower or a bigger storm brewing

Hotel Staffing Issue: A Passing Shower or a Bigger Storm Brewing?

Bill and Kirby provide insights on the current situation regarding hotel staffing challenges and the loss of senior strategic expertise following covid

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How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?

We explore the cost of social media marketing, and the factors that can influence these prices, so you know what to expect when starting with this service

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google written on a laptop key reflecting the potential value proposition of paid and free google hotels

Understanding the Value Proposition of Paid and Free Google Hotels

To understand how the contribution of Google Hotels (both paid and free) has evolved over time, we split our set of hotels in two

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neon hotel sign saying no vacancy reflecting the importance of stay restrictions in revenue management to boost the topline

How Stay Restrictions in Revenue Management Can Boost Your Topline

Depending on your property, guest demographics and demand patterns in the market, stay restrictions can be a great way to boost your revenue

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