two different generations looking at a laptop and mobile reflecting different generational hotel guest behavior

Imagine stepping into a hotel where every aspect of your stay feels tailor-made just for you. From the moment you check in, the experience is comfortable, exciting, and exactly how you want it to be. Now, picture how different this experience would be for your parents, your kids, or even your grandparents.

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In today’s hospitality industry, understanding and catering to the unique preferences of various generations isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a game-changer. As guests span from tech-savvy Gen Zers to tradition-valuing Baby Boomers, hoteliers face the exciting challenge of creating experiences that resonate across age groups. After all, hospitality is a people’s business, so understanding human behaviour is crucial to forming lasting connections with your guests. 

While these characterizations are generalized, and there are always exceptions and overlaps, it remains fascinating to explore the world of generational guest behaviour. With this in mind, this blog post offers tips for hospitality providers on how to exceed the expectations of every guest, regardless of their age.


Although this generation no longer comprises a big part of the travellers, they are still around, and since they are enjoying the golden years of their retirement, they tend to travel with the sole purpose of relaxing. So, making their experience as relaxing as possible is the way to go for any hotel that caters to these types of guests. 

One thing that is to consider for this generation is that they are fiercely loyal. Meaning as long as you convince them that you’re making their lives easier, they are going to stick with your hotel and prefer your hotel over others. The other thing about catering for this generation is that easy accommodations are very important for them. To make sure their guest experience is not compromised, you have to have a good accessibility strategy and that your hotel has the appropriate tools to provide a safe space for your guests. On top of that, your team might need special training to deliver the utmost careful guest service. 

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This generation of guests makes up a huge spending power for the tourism industry. Generally having more annual income, baby boomers spend a big chunk of their capital on travelling since, similar to the silent generation, most of them are enjoying their retirement. They prefer leisure travel, including luxury cruises, historical tours, and resort stays, and, with that amount of spending power, they are also willing to spend more for a luxurious and top-notch guest experience. 

Despite popular belief, baby boomers are increasingly involved in technology, particularly social media. A survey finds that 83.9% of boomers think social media improves their life satisfaction. This increasing technology use is not limited to social media, though. They are growing more and more open to digitalization and are willing to reduce face-to-face introductions if it means they can reduce waiting times and human errors. 

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