hotel guest with room service breakfast reflecting simple ways to enhance guest experiences

A guest’s stay starts far before they step foot on the property. The instant a reservation is booked, the guest experience begins! Before arrival, reach out via email, text message, or with a phone call to start building the relationship and plan for any needed accommodations.

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For instance, if pre-arrival communication reveals a guest will be arriving after an overnight international flight, arranging an early check-in can make all the difference. Instead of waiting hours in the lobby, they’re welcomed into the comfort of their room – a simple act that speaks volumes about your commitment to guest satisfaction.

Proactively addressing guest needs before they arise is the cornerstone of a memorable hotel stay. By anticipating and acting upon these needs, you create a seamless and thoughtful experience that guests will not only appreciate but remember.

Live and Breathe Personalization

Personalization is one of the small touches that profoundly impact guest experiences. The more your team is able to customize aspects of their stay and meet their preferences, the more welcome and appreciated that guest will feel. Team members can gather personalization touches from booking information, pre-arrival engagement, and during the stay.

If a guest has made a specific request during their turndown service, this should be noted and accommodated moving forward without the guest asking again. Or, if a guest mentions they’re traveling with family, imagine their delight at finding a crib or extra cot thoughtfully placed in their room, complete with a personalized note and treats for the children.

Remember, every interaction and conversation with a guest may reveal an opportunity for personalization. A crucial part of personalizing experiences for your guests is ensuring all hotel departments are aligned on the appropriate information. For example, if a guest reveals their preferred name at check-in and later, a housekeeping agent drops off extra towels, they should be greeted by their preferred name. This harmonious approach will improve the customer experience and allow the staff to interact more confidently with each guest.

Always Choose Empathy and Authenticity

Training your team to take an empathic approach in all situations can significantly shift hotel guest experiences. Relationships are at the heart of hospitality, and it’s vital that staff offer a layer of relatability to develop lasting bonds and create loyal customers.

Especially when facing conflict, always choose an empathic approach by making a great effort to understand their perspective, even though it may differ from yours.

Moreover, encourage team members to express their individuality, engage in open conversations, and cultivate genuine friendships/relationships with guests. Rather than staff viewing guests simply as patrons of a business or corporation, encourage staff to connect with guests on a personal level, such as finding common interests, talents and hobbies.

Educate and Instruct Your Team to Always Deliver Exceptional Service

Every interaction matters.

To offer the utmost exceptional guest experience, you must invest in and focus on your staff’s behavior and interactions. We’ve all had unpleasant experiences that left us not wanting to return to a restaurant, store, etc.; the same goes for hotel stays. It only takes one interaction with an unfriendly employee to tarnish a guest’s experience.

Staff must always go above and beyond for each guest, deeply caring about their needs. Consider implementing monthly training sessions that cover all aspects of hospitality service, from guest interaction protocols to problem-solving techniques to the latest trends in customer care. Additionally, organizing interactive workshops that allow staff to practice real-life scenarios may be helpful. This hands-on approach helps employees understand the nuances of guest service and the importance of exceeding expectations.

Especially as the hospitality workforce decreases in industry veterans, offer a mentor program that pairs less experienced staff with seasoned mentors who can provide ongoing coaching.

A memorable stay for each guest is attainable when focusing on the correct details. By honing in on pre-arrival engagement, personalization, empathy, and exceptional service, you’re elevating guest experiences and building enduring loyal customers. By embracing these four strategies, you can continue to offer exceptional moments of hospitality to all guests.

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