Hospitality Influencer Marketing: Build Authentic Partnerships for Wider Reach

A travel influencer possess the ability to bridge the gap between branded content and real-world adventures, offering a glimpse into what awaits guests

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Strategies To Light Up Your Hotel Holiday Email Campaigns

Below you’ll find a range of strategies and real-life examples. Use them as inspiration for your own email campaigns to boost revenue

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silver christmas decorations reflecting the importance for hotels to develop creative seasonal campaigns to drive bookings through their direct channel

7 Ways to Get Seasonal on Your Hotel’s Direct Channel

Start early, adopt advent calendar-style campaigns, propose gift cards and use these creative tactics to help your direct channel get seasonal

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Digital Communication Strategies to Drive Hotel Revenue

In this digital age, hoteliers no longer talk at guests but with them, wherever they are – from your website and email to SMS and guidebooks

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Advertising in a World Without Cookies

What is the difference between first-party data and cookies and third-party data and cookies? Let’s take a deeper look into the nuances

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McKinsey: How Generative AI Can Boost Consumer Marketing

By taking a three-tiered approach to gen AI in marketing, companies can unlock the technology’s potential to help boost efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity

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Top 10 Tips to Understand your Audience this Festive Season

Understanding your audience’s preferences, behaviours, and expectations enables you to tailor marketing efforts, enhance guest experience and drive bookings

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video thumbnail image of a discussion with cogwheel marketing about the need for hotel sales to think more like marketing if they are to drive topline revenue

To Drive Top Line Revenue, Hotel Sales Must Think Like Marketing

With continual change In traveller behaviour, it is more imperative than ever that hotel sales and marketing are aligned around transient and group business

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arrow in the wild pointing a direction of travel much like the need for a hotelier survival guide outlining the steps to profitable investment

A Hotelier’s Survival Guide: Steps to Profitable Investment

Digital marketing is a necessary investment to bring our direct channel to where our customers are and achieve the highest possible sales volume

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The Psychology of Luxury Travel: Key to Attracting Affluent Customers

Like with any demographic, luxury travel shoppers require a dedicated approach to drive the consumer from consideration to purchase.

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