tROAS for Hotel Campaigns Brings Improved Bidding Accuracy

tROAS for hotel campaigns brings improved bidding accuracy against your performance goals, with additional product improvements to come later this year

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3 people looking at a laptop reflecting the importance for hotels to setup their online presence for maximum exposure

25 Ways to Setup Your Hotel Online Presence for Greater Exposure

Once you identify where your needs are, you can begin planning a tactical strategy and implementation to increase your hotel’s total online presence

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5 Tips for Hotel Photos That Sell

The more time that travelers spend ogling your hotel photos the better. Why? Because they’ll be more likely to book if they like what they see

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The Top Hotel Website Design Trends to Follow in 2024

Incorporating current hotel website design trends, like AI, scrolling elements, and smart content, can help any brand stand out from the crowd

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Hotel Bookings: Comprehensive Insights into Instagram Ads

In the era of digitally savvy travelers, a strong social media presence, particularly on platforms like Instagram, is essential for hoteliers

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How to Set Up Google Ads Hotel Brand Protection Campaigns

A brand protection campaign might not fail due to poor execution; it could simply be distribution or revenue issues making direct channels less appealing

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trivago logo for mirai article about their new net cpa on consumption offering

Trivago Introduces its New Net CPA on Consumption

The new Net CPA on Consumption model is an improvement by trivago in line with what hotels are looking for: visibility and reservations with a guaranteed return

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the words chance and change spelt out reflecting the changing landscape of marketing and why hotels cannot leave it to chance and must start preparing now

Changing Hotel Marketing Landscape and How to Prepare

Hospitality businesses that dedicate time to their marketing efforts utilizing the latest in technology will reap significant benefits in 2024

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13 Hotel Marketing Trends Set to Dominate in 2024

It’s time to put your brand out there. Use these latest marketing trends in hospitality to get in front of your target audience

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Navigating the Costs: Smart Hotel Marketing Acquisition Strategies

We take a deep dive into the nuances of acquisition costs in hotel marketing, with insights to help refine strategies for enhanced financial performance

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