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Today, we’re talking about … Tracking in-store visits for hotel restaurants. Did you know… when you enable Location Extensions on your Google Campaigns, you may or may not get access to a new metric called Store Visit Conversions?

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Why does that matter?

For the longest time, tracking the true efficacy of your restaurant campaigns ended when the consumer visited your restaurant website. You could track things like web visits, menu views, and even OpenTable clicks. But knowing if a customer actually visited your hotel restaurant was always a bit of a mystery.

Mystery solved.

Google’s new tool attempts to fill the gaps by giving hoteliers greater visibility into their Google Ad Performance. Early test results show a conservative 8:1 ROAS.

How Does It Work? With a little help from AI.

Google Explains…

  1. A customer is signed in to their Google account and opts into location history in their account settings. The customer finds an ad for your store and interacts with it.
  2. The customer then visits your store’s physical location.
  3. Google connects the customer’s visit to the store to engagements with your ad in a privacy-safe way. Store visits use anonymous, aggregated statistics which are then extrapolated to represent the broader population of your customers.
  4. You may notice an added layer of survey verification when potential visits are detected. In these instances, Google surveys select users from a panel of over 10 million Google Opinion Rewards volunteers about their store visits. Based on their responses, Google can find out which locations they’ve visited and determine how these visits compare to predicted visits. This data is used to fine-tune Google AI.
  5. Google Ads creates modeled numbers by using current and past data on the number of customers who click or view your ads and later visit your store. You can then understand these results in your Google Ads reports for store visits.

Want to see a Return on Investment?

Set a store visit conversion value based on the average check size so you can see estimated revenue from your campaigns.

Does it work for every hotel restaurant?

Unfortunately, in order to view In-Store Visits in your Google Campaign Reporting, your ad must have enough interactions, and your business must have enough foot traffic to pass the privacy thresholds.

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