person with arms open in joy reflecting 7 powerful and easy marketing ideas for hotels

Today’s buyers have changed. Thanks to the internet, they are more informed than ever. In fact, Hubspot’s 2024 State of Sales Report states that 96% of buyers have already researched solutions for their problems before even speaking to anyone at a company.

NB: This is an article from Lure Agency

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The question is, are your prospects getting their information from you or your competitor?  

When your sales and marketing teams are aligned with a mission to inspire and educate, you will effortlessly attract your future customers with information that speaks directly to their needs.  

That means no more cold calls, no more “just following up” emails, and no more spray-and-pray tactics.

Marketing Ideas for Hotel Vendors & Suppliers

With these powerful marketing ideas, you’ll capture their attention and business, setting you apart as a leader in the hotel supply industry.

Here are some strategies to help you squeeze every drop of potential from your efforts and budget.

Let’s dive in!

1. Build Relationships Digitally

LinkedIn is hosting the biggest networking event, and you’re invited to join every day of the week. 

With nearly 5 billion people online, it’s crucial to establish connections in the places where your colleagues, customers, and prospects are engaging.

Get started by interacting in social media, forums and through your email distribution to build trust and rapport before the first sales pitch. Lead from a mindset of being helpful rather than “salesy.” 

“In hospitality and hotels, it’s even more about relationships,” Connor emphasizes, “which I believe relates to a lot of B2B and even some B2C businesses too, where relationships are at the core of what we do. But as this thing called the internet has evolved, that relationship’s getting built in different ways.” 

2. Create a Customer-Centric Web Experience

Today’s hoteliers are diving deep into research before making a single purchasing decision. 

Your job? Make their journey easy. 

Look critically at your website, from the perspective of your prospect. Are you answering the question “what’s in it for me?” or are you using it as a digital brochure? 

“Customers are doing even more research ahead of time than they did before,” Connor says. “So a lot of them are focused on ‘How can I gather information so that I don’t have to waste my time vetting different options?’” 

Every click and every scroll on your site should feed their hunger for information. 

Think crisp product details, in-depth FAQs, compelling case studies, pricing (yes, pricing!), and glowing testimonials — all designed to answer their biggest questions and soothe their top concerns. 

Craft it well, and you’ll ease their decision-making and emerge as the go-to guru in the bustling world of hotel vendors and suppliers.

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