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The benefits of CPC marketing for hotels shouldn’t be overlooked when strategizing for the future. If leveraged successfully, cost-per-click advertising can attract and retain customers, as well as introduce your brand to a new audience. This cost-effective marketing channel offers targeted campaigns that provide both a short and long-term return. Plus, when you use mobile PPC ads, you can reach customers anywhere.

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To stay competitive in a constantly evolving hospitality industry, hoteliers should consider integrating a variety of paid ads into their marketing strategies. Whether you’re employing search ads, display ads, metasearch ads, or something else, marketers can explore CPC marketing campaigns to maximize these ten benefits for hotels.

1. Increase Direct Bookings

One of the top benefits of CPC marketing for hotels is the compatibility with the property’s booking engine, allowing people to seamlessly book directly with the brand. This streamlined booking process improves the user experience and can lead to repeat business and return guests. When guests book through the hotel instead of a third-party website or OTA, the hotelier can forgo hefty commission fees and enjoy complete control over the booking experience.

2. Improve Audience Response and ROI

Hotels can also benefit from pay-per-click ads based on the capability to segment and target guests by demographics, location, as well as many additional factors. The more tailored the advertising, the better your return on investment (ROI), because the ads home in on the searchers most likely to convert. Using keywords to match what guests are actively searching for, like “family-friendly hotel” or “pet-friendly hotel in Atlanta,” offers solutions for the searchers’ problems served at the ideal time.

3. Reduce Abandoned Bookings

Retargeting (sometimes referred to as remarketing) ads are effective PPC strategies that benefit hotels by urging guests to revisit abandoned sessions, and converting them into reservations. When remarketing campaigns are set up correctly, searchers who have engaged with a PPC ad but have begun browsing elsewhere are served a personalized reminder to complete their purchase. These ads can also be directed toward past guests, which can encourage future bookings and increase loyalty.

4. Generate Immediate Results

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for hotels is a highly effective way to boost a brand’s visibility in the SERPs but these marketing efforts take time to materialize. The benefit of CPC campaigns for hotels is that the bidding takes effect nearly immediately, positioning your brand at the top of the SERP without much delay. Paid ads are an ideal way for hotels to improve visibility and capitalize on increased demand, area events and more.

5. Showcase Special Offers To Boost Occupancy

Because CPC ads work quickly, hoteliers can use these to increase occupancy when demand is down without a lot of advance notice. Tailored ad copy can highlight the property’s features and current promotions, as well as tap into marketing psychology tactics, such as scarcity or urgency. When the ads are paired with a compelling landing page, hoteliers can promote the most persuasive offers to secure bookings during times of need.

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