The Lazy Way to Use WhatsApp for Your Hotel Marketing

Launched in 2009, WhatsApp was initially conceptualized as a way to update people on a person’s status. Like “Battery low” or “On a call”.

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But as time has ticked on, WhatsApp has evolved from just updates to becoming an industry leader, revolutionizing digital communication worldwide, enabling not only personal connections but also offering hotels an avenue to effortlessly integrate into their guests’ daily lives – if done smartly.

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It is natural to be cautious of using WhatsApp to engage with hotel guests, given that it’s a very personal space. But a good rule of thumb is to only carry on the conversation beyond the first outgoing message once the guest responds. A response indicates that they are open to communicating through WhatsApp.

With 2 billion people using WhatsApp every month to communicate with loved ones, friends, colleagues, and, as of recent, brands: This has become an important tool for the hospitality industry. Add to this, WhatsApp launching a B2B initiative, and this platform should be in every hospitality leader’s business plans.

4 ways WhatsApp enhances guest experiences for hotels

Before deep diving into how hotels can use WhatsApp, it’s important to understand just how far reaching the act of using this simple tool can be.

  • Beyond the usual: A new avenue to upsell services and stay in touch with guestsThe rise of conversational marketing and AI means WhatsApp is the perfect playground for hotels to upsell their services and promote the hotel through promotions, reminders, etc. With the right strategy, this can take on the role of a virtual concierge to provide personalized service. The messaging channel is the perfect medium for hotels who care about delivering a more personal, real, and emotionally-impactful guest experience.
  • Remote access to the front office: A quick and pain free way to provide updates, solve queries and moreGuest communication becomes more challenging while they are traveling because they are constantly on the go and may not always check their email or pick up the phone. But messaging apps are a whole different game. Over 90% of WhatsApp messages are opened, and the number is shown to be even higher in a few studies.Accessing hotel information and getting their questions solved can happen through a simple text wherever they are. It’s also possible to automate responses to FAQs so the front office isn’t inundated with calls for simple responses. Even when a landline is inaccessible, this is a great way to stay connected. Communication becomes easier, faster and more effective.

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