What Centralized Restaurant Business Intelligence Should Look Like

Once the analysis aspects are in place, implementing changes to reflect that analysis is the next essential aspect of a unified restaurant strategy

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5 Steps to Effective Restaurant Revenue Management

If you’re building a strategy to maximise your hotel restaurant’s profitability, you need to understand the revenue performance of your restaurant currently

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thumbnail for coffee time discussion with glen coben and jacqueline villamil of strategic solution partners about how design can drive revenue and profitability in an f&b outlet

How Design Can Drive Revenue and Profitability in an F&B Outlet

In this discussion we look at an F&B design case study which increased guest experience, improved value proposition and impacted revenue generation and cost

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Restaurant Forecasting 101 – How to Forecast Restaurant Sales

Restaurant forecasting helps restaurant owners make informed decisions for staffing, purchasing, profitability and helps foresee upcoming trends

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How to Add Restaurant ‘Book Now’ Button On Instagram (Hidden Feature)

One Instagram feature many restaurant operators still aren’t aware of is the ability to add a reservation link within a restaurant’s Instagram profile

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing value of hotel upselling

Definitive Covid Recovery Guide for Key Hotel Departments

Here is a collection of tips from seasoned hotel professionals which address four major departments that will be crucial during rebound phase

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5 Ways your Menu Pricing Strategy is Hurting your Profit

Your menu pricing strategy is directly tied to your bottom line. You need to remove yourself from the day to day and take a fresh look at your menu pricing strategy from different angles.

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How to Create a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Restaurant

When working to promote your restaurant, social media marketing should be at the top of the list. In fact, a robust social media marketing strategy can be the difference between […]

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Restaurant Reservation: The Direct Booking War

The travel hospitality industry saw a reckoning beginning in 2015 in the form of book direct campaigns. In fact, they were so successful that, for well-known brands like Hilton, direct […]

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