WhatsApp icon on phone illustrating the importance in your Hotel Marketing strategy

WhatsApp is one of the main digital communication channels in the world.

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In the hotel industry, this channel is very important not only to provide assistance to travelers but also to convert direct bookings. So, it is a logical step to explore WhatsApp marketing for hotel.

However, many hoteliers still do not see the tool as a sales platform. Others know it’s good but don’t know how to use it, and others simply aren’t used to it.

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Even those who understand its potential and know how to use it are still hesitant to adopt this solution because, to manage it, it is necessary to have organization, availability, and respond quickly.

After all, there’s nothing more annoying for a potential guest than sending a WhatsApp message to the company, seeing that they viewed it but didn’t respond.

But that’s no reason for you to give up on the app. If you’re still unsure about whether or not to adopt it in your communication and sales strategy, we’ve listed in this article 8 reasons for you to be available on WhatsApp for your guests.

1. WhatsApp is free and global

Around 2 billion people are using WhatsApp in more than 180 countries. Unlike the telephone, it’s a free app, and it’s the world’s leading messaging tool.

Its commercial version, WhatsApp Business, is an application designed to meet the needs of small businesses. Some specific functions in WhatsApp Business include:

  • Create a catalog to showcase your products and services
  • Interact with your customers using features that quickly automate, classify and respond to messages
  • Offer service and send important notifications to customers

2. You connect with customers where they already are

According to data from the TechCrunch website, at the end of 2020 WhatsApp was exchanging about 100 billion messages a day. In other words, the app not only has billions of users but is also used extensively by them — some data show that WhatsApp is the most open app for most smartphone users.

As they are already on the platform to communicate with friends and family, taking the next step to also communicate with companies seems very natural. So take advantage of this sense of familiarity with the app and make your business available to them.

3. Easy communication and close contact with travelers

WhatsApp is an easy-to-use app. It puts communication between you and your guest at the easiest level possible, making it simple for you to keep in touch with your guests and potential guests

You get to know your customers better and learn about their expectations. Consequently, they will arrive at your hotel with the experience they envisioned.⁣

Integration with a chatbot and an intelligent service platform, for example, increases your chances of impressing guests even before they arrive in the lobby and enables you to deliver a unified service for each customer. There is no need for the customer to repeat everything every time they talk to a different agent or change channels.

The use of virtual assistants equipped with Artificial Intelligence on WhatsApp coupled with the platform allows all chatbot interactions to be shown on a single panel of calls, together with interactions made on the hotel website, Facebook, and Instagram.

It also organizes service by categories (tags), so you, the hotelier, do not get lost when responding, knowing each conversation history exactly. With this, the service gains agility, enabling you to deliver a superior experience to your customer.

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