Today we start our 6 part series on How to Choose a New PMS.

Over the course of the 6 episodes we will explore the following:

  • What is the role of the PMS, why it is so important and what are the signs you might need to consider an update.
  • Evaluating your needs – what you should consider about your hotel needs before embarking on a new solution.
  • What features should you consider in a new PMS.
  • Selecting a provider.
  • Functionality and Practicality – what do you actually want the PMS to do.
  • Implementation – what are some of the key points to consider as you embark on implementing your new system.

In Episode 1 we will be looking broadly at the multi-faceted nature of hotel operations and how a PMS could (or more realistically should) be the central interface for the hotel’s technology stack

To take us through this journey we are joined by Christoph Hutter.

Here is his LinkedIn profile:

Christoph has a wealth of experience in the Revenue Management arena and has experienced many pros and cons of Property Management Systems as well as the challenges faced when making a change.

His commentary on this topic is supported by hands-on experience and a strong appreciation of how the PMS arena has changed over the last few years.

Christoph now runs his own consultancy business in Canada and is contactable via:

or you can visit his website at: