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Hotels and resorts are havens from the every day. Yet for all the consideration hotels and resorts have put into every last detail of the guest experience, those details have now fallen down the list of guest priorities.

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What rises to the top? Cleanliness.

COVID-19 has drastically changed guest needs. As hotels and resorts re-open, they’re expected to not only provide the quality of service and experience they did pre-coronavirus, but they’re also expected to provide heightened social distancing and cleanliness procedures.

This can extend beyond the lobby and guest rooms, too. Properties on the beach are expected to account for how they’re encouraging guests to space out on the sand. Properties in the city are expected to provide recommendations for what, if anything, guests can still do in the local area.

Hotels are becoming local guides and sanitation extraordinaires all in one as travelers seek to venture out safely. Here are four hotels that are doing it right.

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa

What They’re Doing

Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa is a luxury resort that sits in the shadow of Camelback Mountain, just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. Though their idyllic location lends itself to the social distancing narrative, their many amenities like fitness classes, the spa, and renowned restaurants provide unique challenges for sanitation and social distancing.

To reassure guests, they’ve clearly documented the new procedures for every aspect of the guest experience. They also added that page to their website navigation so it’s easy to find.

Why We Love It

Sanctuary leaves nothing to the imagination. Prospective guests will have a clear idea of which resort facilities and amenities they can enjoy simply by reading this page.

They also link to this page from high-touch pages on their website, like the Accommodations page, so prospective guests really can’t miss the COVID-19 updates—exactly as it should be.

Omni Hotels & Resorts

What They’re Doing

Omni Hotels & Resorts has taken it upon themselves to document their Omni Safe & Clean policies at the corporate level. Their Safe & Clean Guide is as comprehensive as it gets, detailing their new approach for both leisure and group business.

But the page is also highly readable and feels surprisingly light-hearted, thanks to the colorful icons that accompany each of their enhanced cleanliness policies and procedures.

Why We Love It

Make no mistake, coronavirus is unsettling. But, to an extent, it’s become a fact of our world. For those who do wish to travel, fear isn’t helpful. Preparedness is. Omni Hotels & Resorts executes seamlessly from this angle, with a straightforward presentation of the facts that informs rather than fear mongers.

The design is also reassuring to prospective guests, as it shows that Omni Hotels & Resorts is prepared, not scared, and that they’re up to the task of keeping guests as safe and healthy as they can. They also offer a downloadable PDF that goes into more detail on each item so they can showcase every last detail without bogging down the appearance of the page itself.

The Grove Resort & Water Park Orlando

What They’re Doing

Coronavirus puts The Grove Resort & Water Park Orlando in an interesting position. Their property is expansive so groups could easily stay apart. However, prospective guests’ are drawn to Surfari Water Park and several on-site dining outlets, each of which requires a distinct approach to uphold and enforce cleanliness and social distancing standards.

The Grove hasn’t shied away from the challenge. Rather, they’ve clearly documented their updated approach in a letter from their general manager. They even recorded a reassuring video and created a ten-page health and safety plan, which is appropriate given the size of their resort.

Why We Love It

Their property is expansive, which means their coronavirus response needs to be equally sweeping. Their PDF answers any questions guests may have about sanitation and social distancing on their property. At the same time, the letters and frequent updates from the General Managers show that the resort has dedicated genuine time and consideration to these responses.

They’ve also added re-opening initiatives to the header section of important pages, like their Surfari Water Park page, as well as a banner at the top of the site. Guests won’t have to look hard to find information on how The Grove is looking out for the health.

Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa

What They’re Doing

Located in sunny Vero Beach, Florida, Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa offers everything a beach property should: white sand, expansive views, water sports, and yoga on the beach. But each of these offerings now requires updated policies and procedures to make sure not only that guests are safe, but also that all guests can safely enjoy the amenities of their choice.

To answer this call, Costa d’Este created a page on their site that details everything from their update housekeeping procedures to the new formation for loungers on the beach. They’ve even taken into account the local area by taking into account what guests can safely experience in the Vero Beach community.

Why We Love It

This page is thorough but fun. Vibrant imagery reflects the spirit of the property, even as they’re handling sensitive information like sanitation procedures. It’s informative without feeling gloomy, and provides great reassurance and inspiration to travelers considering a trip.

This page is also effective because it links to other important parts of the site. When they mention housekeeping, they link to accommodations. When they talk about beach policies, they link to existing content on what guests can expect of the Vero Beach experience. This page isn’t a dead end, but rather an informative and effective conduit to the rest of the site.

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