Competing against online travel agencies (OTAs) and large hotel chains backed by billion-dollar marketing budgets can be intimidating for independent properties.

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To stand out online, lodging operators must be creative with their marketing strategies and craft compelling advertisements to attract visitors to their website and convert those visitors to guests.

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Read on to learn more about the importance of advertising in the hotel industry, the best ways to promote your property, and 15 innovative hotel advertising examples to inspire your next ad campaign.

What is hotel advertising?

Hotel advertising is the collection of different marketing techniques to promote a hotel and its services. Over the years, hotel advertising has shifted predominantly online as internet users reach staggering heights.

In October 2022, the global internet penetration reached 63.5% (or 5.07 billion users), making it an invaluable platform for hotels to showcase their brand and convert travelers to guests.

Why do you need hotel advertising?

STR predicts that there are over 17.5 million guestrooms in 187,000 hotels worldwide, making advertising a critical component of a hotel’s marketing strategy. An effective marketing campaign can help lodging businesses:

Build brand awareness.

Brand awareness is the recognition of your hotel brand in the eyes of consumers. The more travelers see your brand name through advertisements, the more top of mind you’ll be when they decide to book. Consistent reminders of your hotel across advertising channels help to build trust and relevancy with potential guests and is an effective long-term advertising strategy.

Promote special offers & perks.

If you want to boost direct bookings fast, use special offers in your advertising efforts. A recent survey from Software Advice and Google found that nearly 50% of travelers would be most likely to make a direct reservation if a hotel offered a room upgrade as an incentive. Without advertisements, it can be challenging to make your special offers and promotions known.

Attract target audience.

Your hotel marketing strategies should be crafted around the type of guest you want to attract to your property. While reservations are great, if guests outside your target audience stay with you, their guest experience will likely fail to meet expectations. Through targeted advertising, you can craft compelling ads to draw your target audience to your website to book.

Communicate value.

Competition is fierce in the hospitality industry, with new hotel businesses appearing all the time. Hotel advertising provides a platform to clearly communicate your property’s value and differentiating factors. Ensure that your value proposition is consistent across digital marketing and advertising channels.

Drive more reservations.

The more visible your property is to potential guests across online and physical channels, the more likely they will visit your website and book. This phenomenon is referred to as the ‘Billboard Effect,’ and advertising plays a critical role in increasing visibility to drive more reservations.

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