In this video we are joined by Michael McCartan, founder of mccartan tech consulting and Michael Sandeen, Senior Revenue Manager at Pace

We continue our discussion about the evolution of the revenue manager role, looking at how an RMS can liberate the revenue professional, how a lack of technology can hold them back and where the RMS needs to develop further to enable the RM/DoRM to realise their full potential.

Areas we touch on and questions we pose are:

  • How many hotels are utilising an RMS to support the revenue professional
  • How does the RMS liberate the revenue professional
  • Decision to buy an RMS seems to have been to save time which is understandable but a very limited reason
  • What more can an RMS offer the revenue professional, and the hotel, than just time saving
  • An RMS is more like a GPS and not yet an autonomous driving vehicle
  • Where does the RMS need to go to help the revenue professional evolve further
  • What would the RM professional be focusing on if they were more strategic
  • How can you avoid following rouge hotels when they drop prices
  • Why is focus always on room pricing when we’ve been talking about TRM and profitability for years
  • Segmentation and value of guests needs to be far more detailed than it is now.

In this video we also reference Adrienne Hanna of Right Revenue

And here is a recent video interview we did with her around the evolving role of the revenue professional:

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