influencers and advocates

The best marketing  your hotel can receive comes from word of mouth generated by your promoters and advocates.

A joint study between Ogilvy, Google and TNS found that 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. However, developing a relationship over social media with your guests can seem time-consuming and overwhelming, and as a result may only be carried out in an ad-hoc fashion. The right strategy can help you efficiently focus your efforts so that you can maximise word of mouth and not miss valuable opportunities.

  1. Develop your digital presence

It is easier to develop your guests into brand advocates if your social presence is inspiring for guests. To create a compelling social presence, post regularly on your channels and include images that are visually appealing and relevant to your location. Look at the trends in posts receiving the most engagement and optimise for what’s resonating.

Consider the brand personality of your hotel. Are design and style important to who you are as a brand? Or perhaps you have a strong association with the arts, or an award-winning restaurant? Make sure that the photos you post reflect your brand’s personality and the features that best distinguish your property.

As another item, think about the balance of subjects in your Instagram photos. If there are too many photos of empty rooms and spaces, your account will lack personality. Consider the balance between elements like  food and drink, scenic views, closeups of one or two people, group shots, candid shots versus posed shots, as well as informational/text images and regrams. Be conscious of the emotional aspect of each image – do the group shots show people laughing, enjoying themselves?

To find the right balance of subjects for your hotel, you’ll need to test the performance of your posts. Pay attention to the amount of engagement each post generates and how many followers are lost/gained.

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