Travel reviews—and the way they are monitored, measured, and presented—have changed. With the launch of a new website, TrustYou tells the story of the modern travel review and the ways in which reviews can be leveraged to increase presence (Find), increase direct reservations (Book), and grow traveler confidence (Trust).

TrustYou leads the industry in creating better travel review platforms to improve the guest experience, as well as bringing hotels the tools they need in order to generate more direct bookings as a results of travel reviews.

With hints of a book layout, the new site aims to be succinct, responsive, and visually appealing. Through it, TrustYou introduces the four keys to increased presence and bookings via travel reviews. These include: TrustYou Analytics, TrustYou Stars, TrustYou Meta-Review, and TrustYou Radar.

TrustYou Analytics: Offers hotels tools to analyze, monitor, and easily respond to travel reviews along with unlimited survey distribution.

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