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Email marketing is a channel with many benefits, that when utilised correctly and effectively, can be used to reach and engage with guests.

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There are many different types of email marketing and various different strategies that businesses can use to engage with their customers, build relationships and drive conversions. Each of these serves unique purposes and can be effective when used correctly.

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Different types of email marketing

Promotional Emails

Perhaps one of the most commonly used types of email marketing, promotional email campaigns are designed to encourage immediate conversions.

This makes this email type extremely effective for industries such as eCommerce, hospitality and other online services where the goal is to drive immediate sales and conversions. Promotional emails will often include special offers, exclusive deals or discounts to encourage their readers to make a purchase.

well-written email campaign can be great for driving immediate sales and creating urgency around offers and promotions. They’re extremely easy to measure, relatively cost-effective and have the power to reach a large number of people, quickly.

However, there are some disadvantages to promotional emails. They can sometimes be perceived as spammy, so it’s important to carefully target and adapt the content, subject line and offering to the specific target audience. Monitoring the frequency of sending these campaigns is also important, as sending them too frequently can easily lead to frustrated customers and high unsubscribe rates.

Newsletter Emails

Unlike promotional emails, newsletters are much more informative and focus on providing valuable information and engaging content to subscribers on a more frequent basis.

This email type can be beneficial for businesses that want to provide their subscribers with new information on a regular basis.

Newsletters are an excellent way to establish and build brand authority and awareness. By providing regular updates, businesses can cement themselves as knowledgeable leaders within their industry, building trust and credibility amongst subscribers.

If done correctly, newsletters are also an effective way to build customer loyalty and long-lasting relationships by providing them with genuinely useful and interesting information that enriches their experience.

It’s important to bear in mind that newsletters may not always drive direct sales like promotional emails would. They can also be fairly time-consuming as they require more content and work than shorter-form emails. Similarly to other email types, the frequency of sends also needs to be carefully considered and they should only be sent when genuine benefits are offered to subscribers.

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