man holding a camera reflecting importance to hotels on quality video and photo production for their website and marketing

Today we are going to discuss … Hotel production mistakes.

NB: This is an article from Tambourine

When it comes to showcasing your hotel’s unique features and inviting potential guests to experience your property, nothing is more important than your imagery. Investing in high-quality visuals is an investment in your hotel’s success for several years to come.

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However, many hotels make significant mistakes in photo and video production that can hinder their marketing efforts. Let’s explore some common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Hiring a photographer/talent that won’t grant full usage rights
One of the biggest mistakes hotels make is hiring photographers or talent who won’t grant full usage rights to the images or videos produced, restricting their ability to use the visuals across various platforms and marketing channels. Always ensure you have a clear agreement with your photographer or talent that grants you full usage rights for the content.

Lack of preparation
Preparing for a photo or video shoot involves more than just pointing a camera and pressing a button. Many hotels overlook the importance of shot planning. Small things like reserving spaces on the property for specific shots and the staging of your scene can be the difference between an efficient, quality production and a shoot filled with missed opportunities.

Too many or too few props
Speaking of staging your scene, finding the right balance of props is essential in creating visually appealing scenes. Using too many props can clutter the shot and distract from the main focus while using too few can make the setting appear empty and uninviting. Carefully select props that complement your hotel’s aesthetic and purposefully enhance the atmosphere without overwhelming the composition.

Using hotel guests or friends instead of professional models
While it may be tempting to use hotel guests or friends as models in your visuals to save costs, it often results in unprofessional-looking content. Professional models are trained to pose and convey emotions that resonate with your target audience. Investing in professional talent will significantly enhance the quality and appeal of your visuals.

Overexposed/underexposed images
Proper lighting is crucial in photography and videography. Overexposed images (too bright) or underexposed images (too dark) can diminish the overall quality and impact of your visuals. Work with an experienced photographer or videographer who understands how to achieve proper exposure and can utilize lighting techniques to highlight your hotel’s best features.

Avoiding these common mistakes will significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your hotel’s visual content. By hiring professionals (hi, we can help!), making adequate preparations, striking the right balance with props, and ensuring proper exposure, you can create compelling visuals that capture the essence of your property and entice potential guests to choose your hotel for their next stay.

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