lego character in the shape of a rocket reflecting need for hotels to boost direct bookings

Want to Skyrocket Weekday Hotel Bookings?

With a dash of innovation and a sprinkle of savvy strategy, hotels can turn the tide and transform weekdays into a vibrant canvas of bustling bookings

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The Ever Evolving Roles and Marketing and Revenue Management

The benefits of integrating revenue management and marketing are clear, but it requires a cultural shift and investments in human capital and technology

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How to Effectively Use Hotel Email Marketing in 2024

Email marketing for hotels has changed. Let’s dive into the different changes for email marketing in 2024 and how hotels can build an effective strategy

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The Value of Structured Guest Data in Enhancing Hotel Operations

Structured guest data is key to enhance marketing strategies, improve operational efficiencies, elevate guest experiences and ultimately increase revenue

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5 Hotel Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost Direct Bookings

A successful digital marketing strategy is a broad spectrum of tactics aimed at amplifying your hotel’s digital footprint to drive direct bookings

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B2B Hotel Marketing Strategies for Building Brand Loyalty

Successful B2B hotel marketing strategies go beyond price and location, emphasizing personalized service, flexibility, and creation of memorable experiences

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red cross over a mobile phone illustrating third party cookie deprecation in 2024

Cookie Deprecation in 2024: What Marketers Need to Know

Google Chrome’s gradual restriction of third-party cookie drives marketers to adapt their strategies. Here’s what you can do to navigate these changes

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person holding a mobile phone with tiktok logo in a hotel lobby reflecting importance in driving direct revenue

9 Best TikTok Practices for Hotels & Examples to Get You Started

Getting started on an unfamiliar platform, like TikTok, can be intimidating for hotel brands, but here are a few tips to help get you started

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email icon an a mobile phone reflecting email deliverability and the impact of the new sending requirements

Impact If Hotels Do Not Follow New Email Sending Requirements

It’s tough to overstate how important these email practices are when it comes to giving marketing emails every chance of reaching recipients

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If an Image is Worth a 1000 Words, How Much is a Video Worth?

The power of video content in marketing is undeniable, with studies showing visuals are 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other content

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