graphic saying email is not dead

A Steppingstone into Optimizing Email Capture

There are many ways to encourage website visitors to give their email address but as always, you’ll reap the returns of personalizing any campaigns you run

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heart on a keyboard depicting hotels care for their guests when they get in contact

How to Stay Connected to Your Guests While Your Hotel is Closed

It does not have to be perfect, but stay in touch with guests. There is still a conversation to be had, whether it is transactional or inspirational. Let authenticity be your guide

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Google and Facebook Ads Credit Update for Hotels

When Google announced they would be providing $340 million in Google Ads credits for SMBs, advertisers and businesses were anxious to know if they would be eligible

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7 Hotel Marketing Strategies to Help You Succeed in 2020

Developing workable marketing strategies for your hotel business is a challenge, but we have seven strategies you can utilize to encourage direct bookings

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Crisis Recovery: Boosting Natural Search Traffic

Whilst the hospitality industry has seemingly stepped back from digital marketing efforts, Google is moving along with updates to their search algorithms.

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What Can Your Hotel Do to Attract the Domestic Market?

Once your hotel has identified the groups of people within the domestic market you want to target, you need to consider and list their wants and needs

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Three Clever Campaigns for a Strong Re-Opening of Your Hotel

For most hotels, the re-opening does not mean that everything will be straight back to normal. Most likely, they will re-open with reduced capacity as well as comply with stricter hygiene measures

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6 Very Convincing Signals It’s Time To Restart Your Hotel Marketing

As we start to see search volume increase for hotel terms and governments relaxing stay at home orders in the next few weeks, pent up travel demand will evolve into bookings

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dan skodol and trevor grant talk recovery strategy and revenue forecasting

Crisis Recovery Shape, Strategy Considerations and Revenue Forecasting

We talk with Dan Skodol of Cendyn about post crisis recovery shapes, scenario startegy planning and the importance of revenue forecasting as we exit

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Hotel Social Media Strategies during COVID-19

As the travel industry reacts to COVID-19’s impact on tourism and hospitality, hotels’ focus must be on keeping lines of communication open with their guests. NB: This is an article […]

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