How Your Guest Data Platform Becomes Your Direct Booking Platform

This explains the benefit of a Guest Data Platform in relation to your new customer acquisition strategy and how it can strengthen a direct booking strategy

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7 Types of CRM: Which One To Choose For Your Hotel?

Some need a CRM to better manage your business, while others want to communicate with customers, improve customer experience or manage customer support

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5 Predictions for PMS Evolution and Return to Travel

The hotel’s PMS must be enhanced with guest-facing mobility products, such as omnichannel reservations, two-way text messaging, mobile check-in/out

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bright light bulb with a group of people, possibly revenue managers, in a blurred background

What Revenue Managers Need to Know in The Year Ahead

As 2022 signals continued uneven demand, teams must align on one shared objective: optimize revenue and profit across the whole operation

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Understanding The “Transparent Guest”

The concept of the “Transparent Guest,” which is until now, the elusive idea that we can have a single guest profile across all relevant data touchpoints

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Strategic Segmentation of Hotel Guest Personas

When creating guest persona segmentation, remember to make a start with at least a few and keep adding or modifying, as and when you identify more

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left brain and right brain coming together reflecting impact of dopamine and power of personalization in boosting hotel revenue

7 Ways Revenue and Marketing Can Come Together Under One Roof

From fostering demand to nurturing loyalty, your marketing strategy should sit at the core of your revenue management strategy

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privacy protection is impacting email marketing

How Privacy Protection is Changing Email Marketing

With third-party data and many traditional email metrics gone for good, this first-party data is going to be vital to the success of marketing efforts

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hotel contactless touchless technology and the borader impact of software solutions in driving revpar growth

How Hospitality is Adapting to a Contactless World

Contactless tech is here to stay, and we’ve already seen how it doesn’t need to be a barrier to good service – in fact, it can enrich a guest’s experience

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lightbulb linked by many elements including data and analytics

Strong Strategy Needs Strong Data: Managing Different Source Dataflows

By recording the booking data in the manner outlined, we have the constant temperature of the marketing activities from a Revenue Management perspective

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