eye tracking automation to help retention on websites

CRM or How to Automate Most of your Retention Strategy and Direct Sales

Retention is key for your hotel. It’s helps build a long-term business model and acts as a firewall to reduce dependence on intermediation

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Smart Hotel Brands can Make Short-Term Sacrifices for Long-Term Loyalty

Sure, it might be short-term loss of revenue, but the value gained in guest gratitude is worth way more than that in terms of future loyalty

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As Cookies Fade, Brands Must Create a Robust Identity Strategy

With the decline of third-party cookies we are pivoting toward a future that reinforces the need for first-party and case-driven identity solutions

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know Now in Hotel Digital Marketing (June)

To ensure a strong hotel strategy, it’s important to keep across digital innovations you can leverage across channels to make greater impact on performance

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Why Email Marketing and Database Management is More Important Than Ever

With travel restrictions for many countries, email marketing and maintaining a customer database is critical for hotels to segment guests and subscribers

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Your CRM System Will Determine How (and if) Your Hotel Recovers

Having a great CRM system, and using it to its fullest, is going to decide who thrives, who just survives, and who doesn’t make it moving forward

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Hotel Messaging as we Re-Open and Move Towards a ‘Cookie’ Free World

We discuss CRM importance to ensure your messaging is really targeted to your different personas and relevance as we move to a ‘cookie’ free world in 2023

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7 Trends to Track Revenue Management in Recovery

How do you move forward? How can a hotel use revenue management effectively in a market with little supply and nearly no demand? Here is the solution

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guests digital identities unknown without a crm

How CRM can Help Hotels with Recovery

Here are just a few ways that you can leverage CRM to ensure you are opening up the dialogue between you and your guests and giving them the confidence they need to travel again

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How to Lean on Your CRM During Tough Times

In times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is the CRM solution’s ability to intelligently engage guests and personalize interactions that is its most crucial benefit

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