6 Social Media Strategies For Today's Travel Shopping Journey

Today’s travel shopping journey has never been more complex. In Leonardo’s recent webinar, “Strategies to Thrive in Today’s Complex Travel Shopping Journey,” we discussed the chaotic reality that hotel consumers today have never been more inundated with information across multiple channels – before, during and even after their travel experience.

During their journey, consumers will collect information about your hotel destination through a proliferation of avenues, including organic and paid search, online travel agencies (OTAs), metasearch, display and retargeting advertising, online review sites and social media.

As hotel marketers, today’s noisy landscape presents both an exciting and daunting challenge. Thanks to the maturation of social media and expedient adoption of smart phone technology, we have never been closer to the consumer experience, and must take advantage of the opportunity to leverage our hotel guests’ creativity in ways that have never before been imagined.

Below are some quick ways to gain the attention of and engage the traveler during the many phases of his/her shopping journey.

#1 Keep your storytelling highly visual and unique to your property

The most effective social media posts incorporate some type of visual content and are highly representative of your property’s unique story. To determine what makes you stand out from your competition, leverage a reputation management solution like Revinate to identify what your guests love most about your property.

#2 Know and emphasize your strengths

In addition to customer reviews, user-generated photos that guests post while on-property can provide a great indication of what experiences stand out the most to them. Once you get permission from these guests, use their photos to reinforce your strengths in future marketing campaigns.

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