snapshot data analytics

In June, SnapShot Travel, a data analytics company in Berlin, opened up its core product to hoteliers.

As Tnooz noted when we first profiled the company in a 2013 Startup Pitch, its vision is that the hotel’s commercial team, its operational team, and other teams should all look at one mobile dashboard of data, which they informally call the “single version of the truth”.

Its free analytics product makes use of data from the property management system (PMS) along with other key sources.

Some critics in the industry say SnapShot has built a solution in search of a problem. The critique is that not enough hotels need a single window into all of their various technology systems and that building a sustainable business model will prove elusive.

SnapShot has had to adjust course from its original product offering of “demand management”, back in 2013. The company now aims for a mass market product.

Yet its investors seem confident. This summer’s broad product release came a year after the startup raised a Euro 25 million investment round.

We recently sat down with CEO Stefan Tweraser and co-founder and COO David Turnbull to find out what’s new with their 70-employee company. Interview has been condensed for brevity.

Tnooz: It took you three years to get here?

David: It’s three years since we first started putting down code for our hotel analytics dashboard. But ultimately, we’re an aggregation company, right? Building up all of that backend takes a lot of time.

We went live with pilot hotels on February 15th. We have driven measurable gains in conversion, even over such a short time.

Tnooz: What’s next?

Stefan: We really want to have a substantial group of customers on the free product first, see how they interact with it, and learn from what they like, what they don’t like, before we take the next plunge.

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