Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion

Today we are joined by 3 guests:

🔹 LaToya Elam – General Manager at Homewood Suites
Atlanta-Alpharetta, Georgia
🔹 Connor Vanderholm – Co-Founder at Topline Revenue
🔹 Jonathan Baker – Co-Founder at Topline Revenue

In today’s video we are asking the question should major branded hotels considering engaging an external revenue management consultancy?

It is a wide ranging discussion and highlights 5 key areas that are important to consider:

🔸 Relationship
🔸 Experience
🔸 Engagement
🔸 Knowledge
🔸 Communication

Hope you enjoy it 🤞👍

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🎞 Here are the chapters:

  • Guest Welcome (1:17)
  • Guest Introductions (2:46)
  • Relationship (6:34)
  • Experience (11:58)
  • Engagement (15:08)
  • Knowledge (18:04)
  • Communication (27:16)
  • Wrap up and other videos (31:15)

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