Microsites Improve Revenue for Hotel Restaurants and Event Venues

How do you make people notice these incredible places on a hotel website designed for booking hotel rooms? Solution: Give the space its own unique branding and a microsite of its very own.

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In Europe, Driving F&B Margins a Game of Inches

There was a time when food and beverage within the hotel space was viewed as a necessary evil. Hotel guests were lucky if they awoke to a continental breakfast and […]

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Parity Rates: How can Hotels Strengthen their Position?

Alternative Accommodation and Food Choices Will Impact Your Hotel Revenue

Customers are already making choices based on a desire to have an ‘alternative product’ and the days when your options will have an effect on your revenue strategy are right around the corner

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5 Ways your Menu Pricing Strategy is Hurting your Profit

Your menu pricing strategy is directly tied to your bottom line. You need to remove yourself from the day to day and take a fresh look at your menu pricing strategy from different angles.

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How Marketing Can Support Your F&B With 4 Easy Tactics

As hotels invest more in the quality of their F&B, a few simple tactics supported by a modest budget can help transform your F&B from a guest only experience to a celebrated local destination.

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6 Innovative Hotel F&B Ideas That Grow Group Revenue

Thanks to favorable margins and exciting new strategies, hotel F&B offers a strong means of growing revenue from group bookings. In this post, we’ll break down smart ways hotels can […]

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