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Road to Reopening the UK: Will it be a Green Light for the Travel Industry?

While waiting for the start of the third phase of easing restrictions, which would allow travel abroad from May 17, the British have begun planning holidays

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Giving Your Content Marketing a Refresh

There’s no better time to revisit your content marketing efforts and ensure you’re getting the best out of your website, blog and social media channels

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Which Guest Feedback Tool Is Right for Your Hotel?

The goal of guest feedback is to understand how to refine your guest experience and understand the needs of future travelers hoping to visit your property

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The Future of Online Hotel Bookings

Even though direct bookings are on the rise, OTAs are likely to want to earn back their lost market shares as soon as the travel resumes

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How a Chain Improved Conversions by 20%

. They struggled to build that important one-to-one relationship with their guests and that meant their conversion rate was lower than it should be

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Booking Pace: A Love Affair That Can Be Misleading

Measuring booking Pace is worthless in isolation. Pace Progression contextualizes it by measuring and monitoring the speed of change of future activity

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Hotel Marketing Strategy: COVID Friendly Email Subject Lines

You could have the most compelling email ever created but if you don’t make the subject line exciting your email will never be opened

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How Can My Hotel Recover from the Pandemic? Focus on Feedback

A solid guest survey and feedback strategy is the grounding force your hotel needs to guide your future initiatives and ensure continued success

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A Year Later, the Hotel Industry Recalibrates, Reassesses

Just over a year after the pandemic, the global hotel industry is slowly stirring from hibernation and seeing at least modest gains in traveler demand

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Meetings and Events Are Returning …. So Now What?

We explore the impact of Covid on Hotel Meetings and Events, where is demand coming from, picking up 2021 and into 2022 and Space as a Service

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