Top Revenue Management Trends to Help UK Hotels

We explore the top trends in hotel revenue management and yield management in the UK, offering insights and strategies for hotel professionals

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Hotel Chatbots: Benefits, Myths and How to Pick the Right One

When it comes to conversational chatbots, we’re only at the beginning. As developers refine the language models interactions will keep becoming more human

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smiling guest at check-out reflecting the importance of this last interaction with the guest to reinforce a good experience and improve hotel reputation

Boost Your Hotel Performance with a Guest-Centered Strategy

If you are not yet employing a guest-centric strategy, perhaps now is a good time to start. Here are 8 ways to tailor services to your guest preferences

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person about to tick a box possibly on a hotel satisfaction survey illustrating the importance of these surveys to improve services

Satisfaction Surveys: Best Questions to Ask Your Hotel Guests

Satisfaction surveys not only assess your guests’ overall experience, but play a crucial role in gathering valuable information to improve services

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google browser on a laptop reflecting importance to hotels of understanding the google hotel ads bid update and how it will impact their campaigns

Google Hotel Ads Bid Strategies Update: Hotel Campaigns Impact?

With Google’s recent announcement about updates to its Hotel Ads bidding models, hoteliers face a pivotal moment in their metasearch advertising strategies

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coins being added to a glass jar with the shoot of a plant growing from the top reflecting the need for hotels to grow profit with these winning revenue management strategies

Grow Hotel Profits with These Winning Revenue Management Practices

Revenue management is a complex discipline. When practiced fully, it reduces bottom-line drainers such as spillage, spoilage, or overbooking

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Hyper-Personalization: the Future of Hotel Marketing

Implementing effective hyper-personalization tactics requires a strategic blend. Here are some specific tactics that hotels can implement today

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4 Reasons to Understand the Importance of Being Multi-Channel

Adopting a multi-channel communication strategy, shows your brand values guests’ preferences and you are committed to providing excellent customer service

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9 Pricing Strategies to Drive Revenue for Independent Hotels

Your hotel should have a tailored pricing strategy that fits its unique needs, but there are common practices that can be honed to improve performance

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Email Marketing Trends for 2024

With nearly 90% of businesses communicating with customers via email, the content must be well executed to stand out amongst the crowd

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