These 10 Things Are Probably Broken With Your Hotel Marketing

One of the oft-forgotten aspects of a great hotel marketing effort is going back and checking what you “think” is working great

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Attracting New Kinds of Business Travellers

Whether you’ve created target personas based on bleisure/workation travellers yet or not, it’s a good idea to do so

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Personalized Prices: The Next Step in Hotel Online Presence?

Personalized does not necessarily mean lower prices. The objective is to provide guests with a price that is aligned with their expectations

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Biggest Challenges Sales Teams Face as Group Demand Returns (Part 1) ssp video thumbnail

Biggest Challenges Sales Teams Face as Group Demand Returns (Part 1)

We are focusing on Hotel Group sales and some of the challenges Paige sees as hotels adjust to the return of group demand

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5 Ways to Get Your Hotel Ahead in The eCommerce Game

As long as you allow for bookings on your website, you have an eCommerce platform and this provides an immense opportunity for revenue growth

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5 Ways to Increase RevPAR Without Increasing Room Rate

5 focus areas that you should consider prioritising, adjusting and monitoring to increase RevPAR and capture more profit before increasing room rate

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Guest Relationships Are Relationships, Loyalty Has To Be Earned

Believe it or not, guest loyalty isn’t dead. It’s there for the taking – as it always has been – it just needs hotels to work intelligently and personally

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icons on mobile phone including well known otas expedia and booking

Expedia Search & Sort Factors Update: What Impact for Hoteliers?

This August, Expedia Group is releasing new Search and Sort Factors in their marketplace that will affect how hotels appear in Expedia’s search results

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coins being added to a glass jar in the same way hotels have multiple options to increase revenue

15+ Effective Ways to Increase Hotel Revenue and Profit

While there are many ways to increase your hotel revenue depending on your property’s needs, here are 15+ tactics to get you started

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Improve Pricing Strategy, Competitive Position, an RevPAR case studies Beonprice article image

Improve Pricing Strategy, Competitive Position, and RevPAR (Case Studies)

It provided the opportunity to rethink pricing strategy, moving from a price level system to an open pricing system, which is more dynamic and profitable

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