Hotel Post-Stay Email Essentials

Post-stay email is important because it drives repeat bookings, builds loyalty, boosts advocacy, develops customer retention and maintains relevance

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Why is Hotel Automation Important?

With automation in place, you’ll have the freedom to automate all the redundant and ineffective processes like price management of OTAs, managing inventory

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The Hotel Distribution Jungle 2022: Wholesalers and Blockchain

The complexity of distribution lies in the fact that volumes do not necessarily mean profit and that hidden costs and lost sales can be more hurtful

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Six Ways Benchmarking Can Support Post Pandemic Recovery

No matter what stage of the pandemic you are experiencing, these six benchmarking areas will support your distribution strategy and revenue recovery

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Omicron Emergence a Yardstick for the Hotel Industry

The drop in hotel revenue, despite a still lower cost base, led to GOPPAR of $11, which was 64% lower than November 2020 and 75% lower than in November 2019

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thimbnail image for coffee time discussion with connor vanderholm about starting a revenue management consultancy

Thinking of Becoming a Revenue Management Consultant?

We consider are you looking to replace your previous corporate life with a revenue consultancy ‘job and salary’ or looking to build a consultancy business

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paper with the word marketing strategy and book with the words marketing and pricing

What Hotel Marketers Need to Prepare For The Year Ahead

Marketers are now masters of data. Data drives results. In 2022, the question for marketers is how best to turn that data into results

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new years resolutions is great time for hotels to look at sales

The Annual Sale That Hotels Need to Embrace

By associating the Annual Sale with New Year Resolutions, it grants travelers permission to treat themselves and spend money to achieve their resolutions

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quiet airport terminal reflecting impact of business travel decline

The Future of Business Travel And Its Impact

Hotels must act now and adapt to the new situation. Eventually, business travel will also surpass that of pre-Covid, but that will take a good while longer

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man looking in despair reflecting on staffing impact on the hotel industry

Understaffing: How Your Hotel Can Thrive Despite This Challenge

Staff shortages can negatively affect a hotel in many ways. Once the guest experience suffers, a hotel’s reputation will begin to decline as well

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