google micro-moments

Google recently revealed research that identifies how travellers experience ‘micro-moments’ online.

These micro-moments are defined as a moment in time when a searcher relies on their smartphone or tablet device to answer a particular, immediate need.

What happens during these micro-moments ultimately impacts all the decisions that the traveller will make during their online booking journey.

So as a hotelier, how do you influence travellers during these powerful yet fleeting moments?

Well, Google discovered that about 72% of travellers are more loyal to their need during the micro-moment than they are to any particular brand.

This means that the searcher simply wants the most relevant information in the shortest amount of time, regardless of where that information is coming from.

So to have the greatest influence on travellers during micro-moments, hotel brands need to get found and be relevant to what each user is searching for.

Here’s a few micro-moments that occur on a daily basis, and how your hotel can actively work to influence travellers during these situations:

One of the most effective ways to promote a website is through search engine optimisation (SEO).

A hotel’s website that has good SEO is easy to find when a customer searches on the likes of Google for words related to your hotel.

Make sure your website focuses on improving your ranking for specific phrases, such as “best time to visit the United Kingdom” or “honeymoon packages in Jamaica.”

Publish blogs about your destination and your property. Make sure they are informative, relevant and accurate.

Prioritise visual content. More than 54% of leisure travellers report that photographs and videos have an influence over where they decide to go.

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