From Looking to Booking: Digital Marketing Tips

By now you’ve probably heard it enough to know that in today’s digital age every hotelier must have an online presence in order to effectively reach current and potential guests. Particularly unique and independent properties, which may not yet have the benefit of widespread brand recognition.

Now that the public is exposed to more media than any time in history, the success of your luxury property will depend on the ability to really hone in on how to attract the right kind of guests. It’s not about making your reach more expansive, it’s about creating a digital action plan with a goal of precision targeting and engaging content.

For today’s post, let’s assume you have set up a website, social media profiles and are gathering email addresses for hotel, and let’s talk about ways in which to best utilize these channels in order to guide your future guests from looking to booking.

Digital Marketing Tips for Hotels

Ramp up social media engagement

This doesn’t mean just posting a few tweets and calling it a day. You’re going to want to get strategic with your social media marketing.

First determine the very best social media channel for reaching your prospective guests. One way to do that is to go to BuzzSumo and type in a keyword related to target guest (brides, meeting planners, etc), location or property. Here is where you’ll find the most shared content on social media by channel and influencer. This information is the quickest, easiest way to show you where engagement currently is, and helps you narrow down where to put your focus.

Another great way to discover where your customers and prospects are, is to understand general demographics of each channel. For example, Pinterest and Instagram appeal mostly to women, while men tend to use Google+ and LinkedIn. Get the latest social media demographical information from the Pew Internet Research.

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