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As much as any other product or service, different hotel packages will always appeal more or less to different people.

NB: This is an article from GuestRevu

You may try to emulate your competitors that are enticing some of your prospective guests through their doors, but paying too much attention to competitors tends to shift your focus from your guests’ satisfaction to that of your competitors’.

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What matters most is being on top of your guests’ experience, and so in tune with their perspective on travel that you are in a position to attract more of the guests who are searching for the packages you have to offer. Guest feedback technology makes it easier to strategise how your booking packages should be tailored to your ideal guest, and also rework how to market your packages if needs be.

Guest feedback helps hoteliers identify which guest segments or ‘buyer personas’ are attracted to the different travel packages you offer. Whether you offer ‘slow travel’ packages that immerse guests in the entirety of their destination; ‘home away from home’ staycations; or all-inclusive packages that make a guest forget the outside world exists – there is always a motive behind the offer your guest’s choose, which is linked to the type of travellers who will enjoy each hotel’s offering the most.

From basic satisfaction questions on primary service ratings (e.g cleanliness, value for money), to feedback on your specialised services (e.g safaris), asking guests for their opinions will give you a clearer picture of the impact all your service efforts have on the guest experience. You should then analyse your guest feedback data to delve further into your guests’ wants and needs, and understand what they pay attention to during their experience at your property. Doing so not only keeps you alert  to the sentiment felt by guests overall (especially if you recently made any changes like menu updates, renovations, or wellness activities for example), but also helps you understand your property from your guests’ perspective – an invaluable insight when defining and subsequently marketing new products and packages.

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