2 guests at a hotel with one smiling whilst looking at a mobile phone possibly leaving a positive review reflecting a high level of guest satisfaction

Hotel guest satisfaction refers to how happy guests are with the hotel’s facilities, amenities and level of service.

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It helps measure whether the hotel lives up to the guest’s expectations. Hotels can influence satisfaction levels by ensuring that every interaction with their brand is seamless: from the booking stage, during the stay and after check-out.

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Hotels can devise different engagement strategies to help influence guest behavior and increase loyalty and retention rates. Catching gaps in service before they negatively impact your hotel’s reputation is of utmost importance.

How to measure guest satisfaction

Now that you know more about guest satisfaction, let’s look at how to measure it.

Reputation management

Reputation management gives you an idea of how happy guests are. Positive reviews indicate that you’re living up to their expectations, whereas negative ones reveal areas that could use improvement. You can avoid negative reviews by taking surveys throughout the guest experience, which brings us to the next point.


Surveys are one of the best ways to gauge satisfaction levels. When conducted during the guest stay, they allow you to fix any problems before they turn into a negative review. Ask your guests: “On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with your stay?”

You can also get a read on customer effort and a net promoter score – all valuable metrics to make conclusions and adapt your service.

Digital concierge

digital concierge drives engagement and quickly enacts service requests, but it can also help you check in with guests through push notifications and instant messages. The idea is to measure the happiness level of your guests while providing a personalized experience that shows them you care.

Social media and social listening

Social media reflects satisfaction levels, engagement and brand loyalty. You can build relationships with guests and turn them into brand ambassadors or use polls to get a read on satisfaction levels. Hotels often use social listening to monitor brand mentions and get involved in the online dialogue.

Best ways to improve guest satisfaction in hotels

After measuring how happy your guests are, the next most important thing a hotel can do is find ways to influence and improve satisfaction levels.

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