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Guest feedback has a profound impact on your hotel’s online reputation.

NB: This is an article from GuestRevu

In today’s digital age, all it takes are a couple of clicks, and travellers can read all about your previous guests’ experiences — the good, the bad, and the ugly. In fact, 93% of users say online reviews had an impact on their buying decisions.

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Of course, refining the level of your service is key to improving your guest feedback. Another strategy that you can use is upselling. It can be an excellent way to get your guests raving about your hotel online and improve your online reputation, which will lead to more bookings.


1. Meet your guests’ needs better

Upselling is not a sleazy sales tactic, as one might think. It’s rather a win-win strategy that’s beneficial to both parties — hoteliers and guests. Hoteliers can put their resources to good use and drive ancillary revenue, while guests get the opportunity to tailor their experiences to their actual needs. 

The issue with selling comprehensive packages that include a wide variety of a hotel’s offerings is that if guests only want to use one or two of the services included, they’re left with no other option but to pay for services that they don’t need. With upselling, hoteliers can change that. They can let their guests customise their stay beforehand and let them select and pay for only those services that they’re interested in. Guests will appreciate this level of freedom and thank you by leaving positive feedback

2. Personalise guest experiences  

In the modern world, customers expect personalisation, irrespective of where they shop or what they buy. It’s especially true for the hospitality industry.

Upselling is a way to introduce and highlight special offers and unique experiences. This means that you can tailor your offering to deliver a more personalised experience for your hotel guests. 

Renowned hotels like Hard Rock Hotels use upselling as a way to deliver remarkable experiences. Alexis Remy, the VP of Revenue Management & Distribution at Hard Rock International, explains:

“It all comes down to creating a memorable, enjoyable customer experience. That’s what people truly want from us. This starts with getting to know our guests and communicating highly relevant content and deals pre-arrival. It’s also important for them to have a chance to explore our offering so they can perfectly customise their stay.”

3. Boost customer loyalty and retention

It’s not only new guests that can benefit from upselling but also your loyal ones. Upselling lets you set up loyalty programs and provide special services to your highly engaged guests, allowing them to enjoy customised and unique experiences. This, in return, helps to strengthen your word-of-mouth advertising even more.

With the right app, you might even be able to advertise your loyalty programme along with your upselling promos. Creating more awareness about your membership and loyalty programme is sometimes all that’s needed to increase the rate of sign-ups.

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