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It has become increasingly difficult to attract website visits that ultimately convert into bookings. Here’s how verified review summaries can help increase conversions on your booking platform.

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Making Sense of the Digital Noise

Complex – there is no better word to describe today’s booking process. Year after year, travelers’ expectations are evolving, and so is their purchase journey.

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The digital era has brought another layer of complexity when planning a trip, making it more difficult for travelers due to information overload. Too much and often inconsistent or contradictory information makes the entire process frustrating and overwhelming.

The modern traveler’s priority evolves around immediacy: quick answers and results. A slow or complicated experience across your website may lead to higher abandonment rates. The first interaction is crucial to keep them on your booking platform.

Making Sense Of The Digital Noise

The first 1 to 3 seconds are critical for the user experience. Bouncing can increase by 32% if you don’t capture your visitors’ attention in this timeframe

More Time Spent Planning Before Booking

Recent data shows that the time spent planning a trip has increased in countries where most travel restrictions have been lifted.  Compared to 2019, US travelers spend 29% more time on travel websites before booking. Other countries surveyed also showed travelers dedicating more time to the travel planning process. Getting the most for the least is a priority for travelers in 2023.

The need to research more before deciding is also one of the main reasons visitors leave a website before booking.

Browsing on Mobile, Purchasing on Desktop

Mobile has become more and more popular for planning a trip. However, if more travelers spend time researching via mobile, the number of purchases is still higher on desktop.

55% of all online traffic for travel websites is mobile.

The total number of online sales coming from mobile is 44%.

Browsing On Mobile Purchasing On Desktop

Booking platforms can customize the information they offer depending on the buying stage, so mobile content should primarily serve top-of-funnel purposes. Focus on making the information more engaging, concise, and relevant for your users.

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