fingers on a keyboard with envelopes flying in air reflecting the positive impact of hotel email marketing

While many property management systems auto-generate simple transactional emails, proper email marketing software for hotels does so much more than the basics.

NB: This is an article from Fuel Travel

A full-featured hotel guest messaging solution makes it easy to communicate with future, current, and past guests. In 2023, hotels need to use email marketing to stay competitive and relevant.

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It may seem overwhelming, but email marketing does not have to be difficult. There are two basic types of emails your hotel should be sending.

First, automated emails that send based on a specific trigger, such as when a guest creates a new booking or signs up for an email list. These are some of the most important emails, and an email vendor familiar with hotels should help set them up for you. For example, Fuel Travel creates five triggered email templates for our hotel clients.

Second, is email marketing campaigns. This includes one-off promotional emails about upcoming offers, as well as ongoing brand awareness campaigns that include as many messages as you want.

If your hotel hasn’t set up any email automation systems, here are three reasons why it is important for every hotel to do so:

  1. Guest engagement – email marketing software for hotels elevates your basic transactional emails into something that gets guests excited about their stay. Dedicated email marketing solutions let you embed images that will help them start imagining their trip.
    Guests expect to hear from you via email. 70% of consumers prefer email over any other form of outreach. Sending email messages to your guests is not only welcomed, but it’s also encouraged.
  2. Improve up-sells – pre-arrival emails are a key way to increase revenue per reservation at your hotel. Hotels using pre-arrival emails reported that 98% of their upsells came via emails before arrival rather than at the front desk.
  3. Streamline front desk arrivals – get your guests ready for arrival with a contactless arrival process started via email. Even if you still require guests to come to the front desk to pick up their key card, you can have them pre-register via email before. This saves your staff valuable time and effort and keeps lobby lines short.

Guest satisfaction, revenue, and operations are just three ways that email marketing software improves hotel performance. There are many ways to use both triggered messages and email campaigns. A dedicated and hotel-specific email platform is essential to getting these up and running.

Free, basic email platforms like Mail Chimp will limit the number of emails you can send out each month. And more importantly, they won’t connect to your hotel-specific tools. The right system connects directly to your property management system to use guest data for triggered and ongoing campaigns.

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