stage lights at a pop concert illustrating importance to hotels of following pop culture to drive bookings and revenue

Have you heard of Taylor Swift? Of course. But have you heard of the Swift Effect? CNN recently reported on the phenomenon of the effect Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is having on the travel industry. As airlines increase seats to locations to coincide with concert dates (bringing enormous wave after wave of Swifties to the highest-grossing concert tour of all time), hotels are breaking hotel occupancy records.

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It’s been a ‘Love Story’ for the tourism sector, with Swifties contributing upwards of $10B in total economic impact, according to the U.S. Travel Association.

But what if Taylor Swift isn’t coming to your town? ‘Shake it Off.’ There are plenty of other ways hotels can cleverly use popular culture to boost their revenues, from theme rooms to fan packages that leverage everything from sporting events to festivals. The potential for hotels to harmonize with pop culture trends is as limitless as Swift’s repertoire of hits—where the only ‘Bad Blood’ you’ll find is in a Halloween-themed cocktail! 

Embrace Pop Culture: Local Opportunities Hotels Can Harness

Transform an ordinary stay into an extraordinary adventure! Begin by staying attuned to the cultural zeitgeist. Be in the know about what’s happening in and around your region, and tap into popular trends farther afield that can somehow be incorporated into your hotel to attract guests.

To stay ahead, keep a finger on the pulse of pop culture. Regularly peruse platforms like TikTok, check what’s trending on Netflix, Crave, or Prime, and set Google Alerts for your town. This insight can inspire timely and relevant hotel themes or events.

Your hotel’s location is a goldmine for tapping into pop culture and historical events. Is your hotel nestled in a city where famous movies were shot or significant historical events took place? Embrace this! Create unique experiences by leveraging these aspects. Here’s how:


Offer guided tours that showcase local film locations, historical sites, or cultural landmarks. For instance, if your hotel is near a beach made famous by a blockbuster movie, organize a themed tour that takes guests behind the scenes of that cinematic masterpiece.

Special Events

Watch for festivals, concerts, trade shows, sporting events, Comic-Cons, or literary events in your area. Tailor your hotel’s offerings to these events with themed rooms, special packages, or exclusive services. For example, during a major music festival, transform your hotel into a haven for music lovers, complete with a pop-up vinyl store or live performances.

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