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two receptionists at hotel front office with one guest checking in and another on the phone illustrating the potential impact on hotel revenue of early check in and late check out

Revenue Management Is More Than Technology and Analysis… It Also Requires Good Judgment

Training hotel reception on best practices for early check ins and late checkouts help them recognize the hotel’s revenue goals and encourage positive reviews

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hotel reception and 3 stars on the front desk, possibly reflecting the quality of the offering and guest reviews

5 Tips for Reducing Waiting Times at Hotel Reception

By applying these tips, you can put an end to long queues at the reception and, above all, ensure your guests arrive and leave your hotel with a smile

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Revenue Management: It’s Not Just for Revenue Managers Anymore

Revenue management is not just Excel spreadsheets and data analysis. Nor is it a magic discipline that only special people should have access to

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12 Easy Ways To Secure More Direct Voice Reservations

Despite the predictions of its demise, the voice reservations channel is alive and well for all sectors of the lodging industry

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How Automated Hotel Check-In can Benefit Your Front Desk?

There are many benefits of automated hotel check-in like increased guest satisfaction, improved operations, boosted revenue and reduced costs

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two receptionists at hotel front office with one guest checking in and another on the phone reflecting the importance of genuine sincere luxury service standards

Current Airline Chaos Can Drive Check-out Time Extension Revenue

Flight disruption has become a near daily occurrence and passengers have been left stranded. But one man’s problem is another’s opportunity

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5 Paths to Unique Upselling for Happier Guests

Upsells that respond to common requests are a great place to start upselling. But why stop there? You can get as creative as you like with your offering

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The Top 7 Front Office Controls

As you know the front office is the command post for your operation. Making sure you have solid internal controls at the desk is mission-critical

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monopoly hotels on piles of coins which are increasing in size to illustrate increasing value of hotel upselling

Definitive Covid Recovery Guide for Key Hotel Departments

Here is a collection of tips from seasoned hotel professionals which address four major departments that will be crucial during rebound phase

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Ways To Improve Your Hotel Front Desk Team Performance

In order to improve your front office operations, you have to have a great team. Here are a few tips and to improve the front desk employee performance which leads to a better guest experience.

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