How hotels can localise their website to compete with Airbnb

The “Live There” campaign from Airbnb reveals an intention to target a new demographic – after traditionally looking to connect with Millennials, it is now marketing to families.

The ad is all about Airbnb’s proposition that immersive, local experiences are more rewarding than traditional, tourist activities.

Their message is clear and confident: why act like a tourist when you can live like a local?

This whole idea of experiencing destinations like a local has become a major travel trend in recent years. As Airbnb pushes this idea, hotels need to consider how they can promote unique, local experiences of their own.

One way hotels can achieve this is to ensure that their own website is an engaging online travel resource that inspires potential guests and drives direct bookings.

With that in mind, here are a selection of ways hotels can localize their website to compete with Airbnb.

Produce a video of the local area

According to Google’s Traveler’s Road to Decision report, 66% of people watch content related to travel while they consider taking a trip.

So, having video content on your homepage can be a great way to instantly engage your audience and inspire them to think about what sort of vacation they can have while staying at your hotel.

By producing a short video, you can showcase the best attractions your location has to offer. This might involve showing off neighbourhood parks and hiking trails, the buzzing local nightlife, cultural highlights or the gorgeous beach just steps from your property.

You could also look to capture local events such as food festivals, live comedy gigs, arts exhibitions and farmers markets to market your destination as a vibrant, activity-packed place to spend a trip year-round.

Ultimately, producing engaging visual content like this can give customers compelling reasons to stay with you, nudging them one step closer to that all-important booking decision.

Create a designated destinations guide

While a promotional video will give visitors a flavour of your destination, it’s also worth creating a dedicated page that delivers a more in-depth overview of nearby attractions.

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