9 compelling reasons why your Hotel needs a Channel Manager

9 compelling reasons why your Hotel needs a Channel Manager

Hotel channel management software play a huge role in seamlessly distributing inventory and rates on multiple OTAs. This entire process helps a hotel to maximizing bookings and, thereby, increasing revenue. By diversifying the sources of reservations for your hotel, you stand a higher chance of attaining full occupancy and Channel Managers come in handy in this endeavor. But here’s the catch! A Hotel channel management software brings with it lot more benefits than just increased bookings. This is why we recommend that every hotel invest in a channel manager. If you are still not convinced, we’ve listed 9 reasons why investing in a Channel manager is paramount to your hotel business:

1. Diversify the source of booking

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. With competition always lurking around the corner, you simply cannot expect traditional ways to light up your path to success. Proactively pursue every source of booking there is to explore. This is a sure-shot way you can make sure you stay ahead of competition.

Channel managers make complete sense for every kind of hotel property. With a hotel channel manager in place, you get to connect to as many OTAs as you deem necessary and open out your inventory across all those OTAs. You can also select OTAs relevant to a specific region if most of your bookings come in from a certain region of the world! That is how visible you can be, no matter where you are or how small your property!

2.Single point inventory and rate management approach

Keeping up with changing times is not only a smarter way of doing things but also the most lucrative option, in the context of hotel management. Having a channel management software linked to your Property Management System is the only way to distribute inventory and rates, while saving time. The two-way connectivity between a cloud-based PMS and a cloud-based Channel Manager allows real-time updates both ways- updates on the PMS will reflect across all OTAs instantly, as well as updates from all OTAs get reflected on your PMS in real-time. The channel manager acts as the messenger between the two.

Your PMS dashboard is all you need to have in front of you to make or receive updates. Imagine all the time your front desk staff will end up saving, when a you invest in the best channel manager for hotels!

3. Penetrate newer, more lucrative local and global markets

The best part about investing in a hotel Channel Manager is that you can attract potential guests from across the world, from wherever you are. Think about it- Assume you’re running a ski resort in Switzerland and come ski season, your region gets a good chunk of reservations from Zaghreb, Croatia. With a channel manager connected to your PMS, you get to connect with the most popular OTA(s) in Croatia. This is extremely advantageous because without spending a bomb on geo-targeted marketing and such you can still lure people from Croatia to your resort.

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