5 Fresh, Clickable Content Marketing Topics For Hotels

Blogs and videos, podcasts and social posts.

Hotels are telling their story in more unique ways, and across more diverse channels, than ever before.

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Regardless of medium or format, each touchpoint has something important in common; the hallmark of high-quality content is an emphasis on audience engagement first, and search engine optimization (SEO) second.

In reality, the goals are inseparable. Hotel teams that publish content their audiences like, share, and otherwise interact with earn far better search rankings than their competitors that don’t. It’s a significant shift from the days when marketers simply crammed as many key words into a post as possible.

Crafting that quality content, however, can seem an endless task, all too often falling on the shoulders of just a handful of team members.

While the struggle is real, it’s also worth it.

Fresh, clickable content is helping hotels of all sizes and in all markets stand out from their peers.

Here are five topics to inspire valuable, shareable content, generate backlinks, build strategic partnerships and satisfy your audience’s interests.

1. Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Traveling to Palm Desert? Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Travelers appreciate an audience-focused “insider’s guide” to entertainment, eats, shopping and other activities in your property’s general vicinity.

Humanize your recommendations by inviting your staff to contribute their personal favorites, and credit them by name and position. If you can include a head shot, all the better.

Choose attractions that would most interest your intended customer persona, and rally the help of staff contributors who fit that demographic. Your guests will value the relatable, personalized recommendations, possibly as much as a major review machine such as Google or Yelp.

2. Top 10 Vendors for Your Destination Weddings

Invite a sought-after wedding consultant – preferably one who has directed events at your hotel – to share an informative post highlighting your property’s wedding services and venues from their professional point-of-view.

This is high-value information for brides who might not be able to physically visit your hotel (or competition), or who need to narrow down their list of potential vendors before making a reconnaissance trip. Make sure they play up trusted local vendors, and mention important details such as your block reservation rates and event packages.

Further, a destination wedding guide is also a fantastic opportunity to cross-market with area florists, photographers and stylists.

Hot Tip: Turn this topic into a series, and then package it as a free downloadable guide for brides to earn bonus clicks and boost SEO.

3. Menu Spotlight: Make our Famous Crab Cakes at Home!

If your restaurant has evolved into a go-to dining spot for locals and out-of-towners alike, be sure to keep it visible in your blog. Same goes for your popular café, bar or lounge.

Linking to your reviews via TripAdvisor, Google, and Yelp is a simple, smart way to boost your SEO. Keep in mind, even unfavorable reviews are an opportunity to engage your audience on a personal, human level. Your response to a bad review can do more to build brand trust than a dozen good reviews can on their own.

Let travelers know what’s great about the menu. Spotlight the most recent additions to the menu. Showcase seasonal specials, and offer insight on upcoming new menu items. Interact with your audience via social media.

What’s your favorite cocktail/dessert/appetizer? What would you like to make at home? Show off your Saturday Night at Avi Lounge Instagram stories! #ChezLuciFaves #HotelAviLounge #PDXFridays

Bonus Read: Check out this Toast article on brilliant restaurant social media campaigns for further inspiration.

4. The Golden Keys: What Makes a Good Concierge?

Help your guests understand how to optimize their travel experience with the help of your concierge services. Outline your concierge’s role, and if yours is among the elite, deep-dive into the history and meaning of Les Clefs d’Or.

Don’t have a dedicated concierge desk? Interview your front desk manager, and present them as the authority for finding show tickets, arranging tours, and making sure your business travelers and conference attendees are well-cared for. When travelers ultimately meet your front desk staff, they’ll experience the comfort of knowing they’re in the familiar hands of a seasoned veteran.

5. We Know What’s Happening This Week!

Appeal to your target market by maintaining weekly guides to the entertainment they’ll love, even if those events compete with your own. Again, your goal is to make your audience feel they have options, so put their needs first. It pays off in the end.

This is another great opportunity to build relationships with other local businesses, venues and attractions, and show that your customer care team is the one-stop-shop for information about your community.

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