Discover a new category of hospitality technology that is designed to drastically improve your guests’ experience and, as a result, your overall revenue: Guest Stay Optimization (GSO).

The entire guest journey isn’t just about their booking or even about their actual stay; in the minds of the guests, there are many milestones which contribute to their overall impressions of their journey. GSO solutions give you the tools to provide guests with a positive experience throughout the entirety of their travel journey.

Watch experts from Oaky, Laasie, Roomdex and BookingWhizz! discuss GSO, it’s benefits and how it will evolve.

NB: This is an online event conceived and produced by Jurrnee

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Happier customers = better reviews = more bookings = higher revenue. Win/win!

In this educational, unscripted happy hour event, you’ll learn:

✅ How do you define Guest Stay Optimization? Why is it an operational imperative for today’s hoteliers?
✅ Where does the guest journey start and end? Does it end when they leave? What are the important milestones in between?
✅ How will the guests’ experience be optimized in the future?


▪️ Rupert Gutteridge, Head of Sales at Oaky
▪️ Ellis Connolly, Chief Revenue Officer at Laasie
▪️ Jos Schaap, CEO & Co-Founder at Roomdex
▪️ Karim Mawani, Director at BookingWhizz
▪️ MODERATED BY: Erik Muñoz, Director at SMART Hoteliers