8 Ways to Use Guest Intelligence for Hotel Events

8 Ways to Use Guest Intelligence for Hotel Events

For special occasions and hotel events, the expectations and stakes are high – for the people who organize them and for the hotels that host them. Reviews and online reputation play a key role throughout the process, from informing the planner’s decision where to hold the event to the reviews received afterward. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the process.

1) Use online reviews to your advantage.

Meeting organizers, corporate travel planners and tour operators check out reviews on TripAdvisor and other review sources as part of the vetting process for hotel events. Ensure your online reputation is in order by paying close attention to feedback from event attendees, implementing improvements, and putting a management response strategy in place.

2) Leverage your hotel’s online reputation.

When bidding for hotel events include in your proposal a brief online reputation report that shows off your Global Review Index™ (GRI) score relative to your competitors. Explain that the data provides a view of your hotel’s performance from the perspective of previous guests, an objective testament to quality that will help position you to bid for groups at higher rates.

3) Use testimonials to attract event RFPs.

Feature positive comments from event organizers and attendees as testimonials on your website and in sales collateral. This will help attract prospective clients and reassure them that your hotel is the right choice.

4) Curate your social media platforms.

Social media lends itself especially well to event marketing and should be considered part of your event management plan. Monitor Twitter and Instagram and share comments and hashtags related to events on property such as weddings and conferences. Include participants in the conversation and generate a buzz around the events that you host.

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